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Women 2.0 shared my article about how it is like to be a female co-founder on TechCrunch Disrupt

99% percent of my time is devoted to the development of my and Alex company CruiseBe and last year in September 2017 I and Alex were attending TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. We were presenting CruiseBe at the Startup Alley. In this post I`m not going to write about our experience, how this conference helped us and what we have learned. This is the topic for the separate post.

What I wanted to cover now is my personal notes on how it is like to be a female co-founder on technology conferences (women in tech), especially when you are a tech lead.

Thank you to Women 2.0 edition (leading brand for women in tech) for sharing my insights and thoughts on this top.

Here is the link to the article ➡️ People clearly didn`t expect me to be a technical lead – Insights from a Woman Who Attended TechCrunch Disrupt.

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Marina Shumaieva

Co-founder & CTO ar traveler, experienced programmer and team lead. Master of Computer Science, SAP HCM Consultant.

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