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Some facts about me

Hi everyone! Nice to meet you and thank you for visiting my blog!
It`s been a long time since I wanted to create my personal blog and share some notes, my knowledge and insight on different topics, but as usual, it was always not enough time. So today, on the 1st of January 2018 I finally decided that the time has come.

Let`s get acquainted. My name is Marina Shumaieva. Originally I`m from Ukraine, Kyiv, but in 2016 together with my husband Alex Shumaiev and my lovely cat Chewbacca we moved to Dallas, Texas.

In Ukraine I studied in specialized school in English, learned German language in Goethe Center and graduated the School of Music on piano class.
After high school I entered Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University; I was studding economic cybernetics and I spent lots of hours self-studding computer programing. As a result I have Master Degree in Computer Science and after that I even entered to get PhD in Computer Science. Unfortunately after three years of writing my dissertation the time came to move to the US and I didn`t have the ability to graduate and get the PhD (in Ukraine you have to study four years to get PhD). After all I still have this goal on my to-do-list in future.

In the university I`ve met Alex, one day we felt in love and after several years we got married. 3.jpeg

Besides while we were in the university we began to do our first projects together. We created a website studio and the first startup (social network for homeworkers). We learned a lot of new things and we got inspired with this entrepreneurs` style of life. We have launched the second starup  - shopping mall guide with indoor navigation, and it was quite successful on the Ukraine market.
I see us as an extraordinary couple: we are in-love couple, true friends and great co-workers and we are always together 24/7.

One of our hobbies is travelling, we have visited a lot of different places and Alex is writing great ports about our experience, sharing travelling tips, route planning strategies, etc.  So, if you are interested you are welcome to visit this blog – Alex Shumaiev

Marina Shumaieva and Alex Shumaiev in Venice, Italy

Marina Shumaieva and Alex Shumaiev on Curacao

So, back to me, now we are in Dallas, Texas, running our company CruiseBe – travel startup.  On the pages of my blog I`m gonna write about startup life, my experience how it is like to move to the US and my notes and tips on programing.

Hope, you will enjoy!


Stay tuned