Marina Shumaieva

Graduating from Y Combinator`s online Startup School

In 2017 we passed the selection and were accepted to the first class Y Combinator`s online Startup School. Startup School is a free 10-week massively open online course which included two video lectures each week and 1-2 office hours with our mentor and group. This school gave us new knowledge, not just from watching the videos, but also from conversations with other teams that were just as passionate as we were. It was useful to hear the experiences of other companies – how did they launch their company, what problems did they face, etc. 

Even if you were not accepted to Startup School, you still have the ability to watch many of the same lectures on the Stanford University YouTube channel

By the end of the programm, if you complete all the requirements and make weekly upate on your company growth, you are participating in online demo day. So did we.

Here is the link to the video: CruiseBe at Y Combinator`s online Startup School demo day

We think that every entrepreneur, C-level officer or even those at the  manager level should watch these lessons! These lectures motivate, inspire and stimulate.