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5 Tech and Innovation Predictions for 2019

In 2018, there was a real boom of text chatbots with an artificial intelligence. In 2019, a new stage of chatbot development is expected. Chatbots are going to be evolving in a big way this year and beyond, says Marina Shumaieva. (Shumaieva is a co-founder and the chief technology officer of CruiseBe, a Dallas-based tech travel startup that offers a cruise itinerary aggregator.)

Women 2.0

People clearly didn`t expect me to be a technical lead

Nowadays, sexism towards women, especially in tech, has become quite a hot topic. Female engineers and leaders have started speaking on the issue, to protect their rights, sustainability, efficiency and proficiency...I wanted to share some insights and my personal experience as a female co-founder and how my experience reflects some of what it’s like to be a woman in tech.


When a Facebook chatbot cruised in

The potential customer just needs to message the CruiseBe page on Facebook or access it via a simple link and the bot will reply with a range of options including everything from cruise planning with an itinerary aggregator to completing cruise quizzes, reading blog posts from others, finding details about every port of call or the ship’s amenities, requesting help from a representative and so on.

Chatbots Magazine

Now is a high time to start using bots/AI in a cruise industry or it will be too late

Here at CruiseBe, we have been thinking about expanding the ways of fast cruise itinerary building and decided that building a Facebook chatbot will be the best thing to engage the users. Hence, we have developed chatbot that serves as a virtual cruise itinerary aggregator. The potential cruiser just needs to message CruiseBe page on Facebook and he or she will instantly get a reply with a couple of options to choose.


Daily Travel Startup Watch: Fly Concierge, CruiseBe and More

These are the newest travel startups from AngelList vying for travelers’ interest and investors’ attention...CruiseBe provides cruise lovers with a cruise itinerary aggregator for B2C and easily customizable turnkey solution for B2B.

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CruiseBe decided that we can help with the cruise industry by providing fresh, innovative tools. We created an amazingly simple itinerary aggregator that, in just two clicks and in less than 30 seconds, proposes a day-by-day cruise schedule with articles from real travelers and a complete list of attractions and activities in each port of call and on the ship.

Dallas Innovates

From Trip Itineraries To Navigable Maps, Dallas Startup Puts Cruise Planning In One Platform

What started as a trip aggregator has evolved into everything someone needs to take a cruise. Alex and Marina Shumaiev love to take cruises, including the one they took for their honeymoon. But they found many pain points in the industry that were screaming for innovation.


99 “Limit Breaking” Female Founders Share the Top 3 Lessons Learned from Their Experiences

Being a female tech founder is not an easy thing to do when the gender gap is said to be the biggest in tech. I`m responsible for all the technology development processes in my company CruiseBe, in addition to programming 24/7, coordinating other male developers and at the same time finding way to look nice and pitching on the stage. The combination of charisma and technical knowledge sometimes helps to go beyond the standard perception of me as a woman.


Travel Chatbots: Virtual Cruise Assistant in Your Messenger

So what can the first cruise chatbot created by the Texas startup, CruiseBe, do? One of its functions, apparently, is the aggregation of information about possible leisure for a selected cruise. You tell the bot ‘plan my cruise,’ he suggests you choose your cruise company, ship, and cruise date, and then the bot generates a day-by-day schedule of your cruise, which you can see by clicking on the link.


7 Tips for Implementing Chatbots in Your Small Business

“When integrating machine learning and AI into business, the bot is not just a part of this process and service, but the bot becomes a separate platform for attracting customers, a separate marketing channel, a traffic channel, and sales channel,” says Marina Shumaleva, cofounder and CTO of the travel tech start-up CruiseBe, Inc.

The Voice of America

Вікно в Америку. Українці розповідають, як досягти успіху в Америці

Молоді українські підприємці діляться досвідом, як перетворити ідею на успішний проект і вийти на американський ринок.

5 Канал

Українська родина створила стартап, що потрапив в один із найкращих акселераторів у США.

Родина Шумаєвих створила онлайн-платформу для планування круїзів CRUISEBE, і в їхню ідею повірив акселератор з Техасу, який за версією Forbes входить у десятку кращих у США. Що далі, дивіться нижче у відео.

Как пара из Киева создала приложение для круизов по США

Круизный туризм в США — это своеобразная субкультура, рассказывает пара. Однако они особенно ориентируются на молодых людей, которые не привыкли ходить к тревел-агентам и любят планировать путешетвие самостоятельно...Начинать новую жизнь в иммиграции сложно - многому нужно учиться почти с нуля, а рядом далеко не всегда есть те, кто поможет и поддержит.


Chris Owen

Technology at sea has brought us everything from movies under the stars to robot bartenders, medallion mechanics that open doors both real and imagined and more. But there is another story on this topic too, as we revisit the apps of other cruise lines and like what we see. Better yet, an upcoming sailing gives us the perfect opportunity to test them. CruiseBe is a technically a ‘cruise itinerary aggregator’ that delivers a day-by-day schedule of a cruise instantly.


Meet 15 tech startups that will represent Ukraine at TechCrunch Disrupt

One of the world’s biggest tech conferences will host 15 Ukrainian information technology startups this year in San Francisco, granting them a chance to shine worldwide.